I place a great deal of value in becoming an influential instructor and like to excel in this role. In addition to the joy of being able to engage with various students, I find teaching to be a great privilege because it gives me the opportunity to facilitate the intellectual and personal growth of students.

My teaching philosophy is grounded on constructivism, which is the belief that students learn better as active learners than as passive listeners. To that end, I strive to become an effective instructor by providing a psychologically safe space for students to interact and limiting the conventional lecturing.

In particular, in my effort to enhance students’ learning experience, I emphasize three principles:

  1. Developing high-quality student-instructor relationships
  2. Creating an interactive learning environment for students
  3. Incorporating class concepts into real-world applications

Adhering to three core principles of my teaching philosophy, I served as an effective instructor for two courses (both online and remote) that I independently taught during my graduate studies.

Below, I present sample comments from my students.

  • Dong Shin is very enthusiastic, and anyone can tell that he truly cares for the students and wants them to learn. Has always taken criticism well and has fixed whatever the students asked of him. He tried to make the class not only educational but applicable as well and overall, just an enjoyable time, which helped with retaining the information.
  • Professor DH was energetic and engaging during this semester. He created a positive learning environment that fostered group discussion and participation. When the COVID19 impacted in-person lectures, he quickly adapted and continued to offer interactive lectures online. He was funny and made boring material engaging and fun to learn.
  • He really accepts students’ opinions well and is very supportive of students.
  • Very creative and motivated which led to a fun and interesting sessions 
Strategic Management (MAN 4728), Spring 2020
Strategic Management (MAN 4728), Spring 2019